Thank You For Being a Friend!

Whether it’s just a casual “how are you?” or a heartfelt, “sit down and tell me what’s going on in your life,” or a caring comment on Facebook… friends can bring you great joy and comfort. I’ve never needed friends more than now as I go through this health crisis – and I have old and new friends that have been so comforting and supportive.

Proverbs 17:17 says, “A friend loves you all the time, and a brother helps in time of trouble.”  That goes for sisters, too!

When I think of our new friends like Rabbi Cahn or John Shorey, or perhaps YOU, I am overwhelmed with gratefulness to God for enriching our lives with such wonderful people! 

There are many people who know Jim and me because we are public figures, and more and more of them are becoming closer to us as we experience the signs of Revelation.  I have had people write in and tell us that we are their “family” and I have to tell you, that really touches my heart and we feel the same way.

The truth is, if we are born again, we are family!

Jim often says that as the world falls apart, the Church will come together.  I believe that.  Why?  Because our focus shifts to the important things and we are no longer so “me and my four” centered.  Social media is just another way that we can come together and support one another.

We can see in our country and in our world how evil is increasing and so is Christian persecution.  It will take all of us, standing together as one, to fight that evil.

When we can put aside our petty differences and stand shoulder-to-shoulder with one another in love, support and comfort, we will see the Light of the World shine very brightly for all to see!  That Light will draw others, and the Harvest will be great!

I believe it’s happening!  I really do.  I see people reaching out to each other and to us and I hear a new sound of love in the things they are saying.

So, I just wanted to take this opportunity to tell you all that Jim and I love you dearly, and we appreciate each and every one of you.  There are people we haven’t even met yet, but who we feel we know because of their on-line expressions of love and support.  We love to read them, we really do!  We can’t always respond to each one, but we want you to know that what you say matters to us and makes a difference in our lives!

We hope we are making a difference in yours!



7 thoughts on “Thank You For Being a Friend!

  1. Dear Lori, I was surprised to find out that your birthday is the same day as mine, (Aug 28th) only mine is a little older. I will be 85, it’s hard to belive. We’ve(my late husband and I)been with TheJim Bakker show since it first began. It was because of a wordof knowledge that Jim gave us in the 70’s that we sold our home and went into full time ministry. A lot of water has gone under the bridge since then, as you know walking with the Lord and serving Him is quite a challange at times, but I wouldn”t take anything for the experiences and I’m sureyou wouldn’t either. I’m so glad you and Jim got together. It’s a perfect match! I live for your show. It’s the highlight of my day, Thank you for the wonderful teachings from your guests, keeping us up to date with all the happenings going on. Also for your survival food and all the other things. also. I’m alone now I feel secure and prepared for whatever is coming. If it were possible, I would love to move to Morningstar, but unless the Lord makes a way it’s not possible. I.m so glad you are feeling so much better and on your way to good health….that’s what I’m praying for also. You’re a beautiful person Lori, inside and out and your a very elegant lady (and this is not flattery)See you all in heaven……….SOON!!! Love, Marge Meyers

  2. Lori, we’ve never met in the flesh but you are my friend and sister! I too went crazy for God when he brought me out of a life that I had created, not God! I was fed spiritually then by PTL club. I actually got to visit PTL and met Jim briefly. I went on to join the Navy and serve my country. Praying and fasting all the time to meet a man that loved Jesus as much as I did. As always, God was faithful to bring me someone to share my journey in the Lord with. That was 33 years ago! I continued to follow Jim’s life, cried when things fell apart and rejoiced when it all started to come together for him. I came across your book years ago about how you two met and how God joined your lives. I was so, so happy for him! And you too! I feel like I know you and have been praying for you as you recover.
    Lori, as my husband and I pray about preparing I keep thinking we should move to Morning Side. When I saw the picture of the little houses Jim has a vision to build something jumped inside of me. We have been in the ministry our entire lives together. Moved to Pa. from England after Kevin retired from the Air Force. We came here to finish raising our three beautiful daughters and to help our friends build a church. Our girls are all grown and married now and all three are nurses, one a nurse practioner! Our lives have been full, but I just know, that I know God has something more for us. My husband currently works as a network engineer at a local university and I am a homemaker.(Home is where the maker is:-) In His great love, Liz

  3. May all the love that comes to you through email ,facebook,, letters….may it all give you renewed strength and encouragement for each day….and with that we ask for total healing as well. You and your family are loved….so much ! ((hugs)) Love u,…MyMy

  4. Lori you are a real gracious lady I love watching you on the show and also in person when we make it to Morning Side. I pray you will be feeling healed soon and get your strength back. We watch you everyday. Also love the guests you have had on the show this last couple of months. I love hearing about the prophetic.

  5. Your two are wonderful, I really do feel like you are my friends even though we have never met. Your kind words and positive outlook has helped me on days in my life that have been difficult. You remind me all the time there is hope for our future, it’s bright!! We don’t live in the dark, PTL!!! Praying for you healing Lori, you look so much better, God is not finished with you yet!! Love and blessing to you and your beautiful family..Jennifer Heiland of Ohio

  6. Dear Lori,

    Even though I (and others) have likewise never “met” you and Pastor Jim in person; that NEVERTHELESS, I can truly say from the bottom of my HEART, that; whether you are aware of it or not; that accordingly, you and Pastor Jim, in reading the Morningside website, has been, for me, the most INSPIRATIONAL prophetic website that I’ve ever come across on the Internet. I’ve never seen another like it!

    In giving God all of the “glory”, I can truly say, without a doubt that; because of you and Pastor Jim’s divinely-inspired leadership over Morningside, that consequently, this same “ministry” has become for me [and others, I’m sure], one of the most INFORMATIVE compassionate kind-hearted Christ-like prophetic ministries that is really concerned for WARNING the audience and readers to PREPARE for the upcoming unprecedented political/economic/social upheavals to fall upon the progressively-wicked “United States of America”; AND concerned for WARNING of God’s upcoming deadly judgments upon of this same morally-degenerating country of ours – and even warning the hedonistic/materialistic Laodicean-minded American Church as well.

    The godly Christ-like LOVE that both you and Pastor Jim exude, towards the audience and the readers, is true and sincere. I’m sure that there are even some “skeptical” non-Christians who have come across this same ministry, and would have to “confess” the TRUTH in you and Pastor Jim possessing a great godly LOVE – for both Christians and non-Christians; in having unquestionable sincerity and compassion, in wanting to “warn” this country of inevitable “divine judgments” upon both the Church and the entire nation. Yes, I say that even a “non-Christian” could not DENY your great zeal or passion for wanting to see the saving of the “spiritually lost”, individually and nationally. Your immense godly Christ-like love for the Church, for this nation, and the rest of Mankind, truly “comes out”; in your spoken words and written blogs. Anybody who has the “eyes” to see, can truly see it!!

    Even though I myself was likewise given the same “prophetic-type” of calling – in being “assigned” by God to warn the Church and the nation of inevitable “judgments” for sin; that NEVERTHELESS, with MYSELF already being given a “prophetic spirit” from God; I’m still amazed at both you and Pastor Jim’s unrelenting impeachable commitment to Christ – especially knowing full well of the great deal of constant “REJECTION” that comes with such a calling from the Lord. To sustain that high level of commitment requires, no doubt, much prayer and fasting, individually and collectively from the Body of Christ that surrounds and supports you. None of us can “make it” without God!!! It’s all His doing, not ours!!!

    And yes, through the Father in Heaven and His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ; I’m indeed BLESSED by you and Pastor Jim; with you indeed having made a great positive encouraging “difference” in my own spiritual walk with Christ.

    Again……..TO GOD BE ALL THE GLORY!!!


    Brother Charles Reece

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