Major March “A Time of Acceleration”

When the Lord told me back in December that this would be a “Major March”, I knew the events that were coming would be remarkable. I felt that there would be major events that would shake the World this month and it would be a wonderful time of healing and blessing for some of God’s people.

Today, I know that what is happening in the world is only going to accelerate and NOW is the time for the Church’s finest hour.  Listen to me now, and believe me when I say that when the world is coming apart, the true Church will come together and be prepared!

The Bible tells us that when the events of Revelation start to happen, they will happen in rapid succession – this is the generation that will not pass away before we see the coming of the Lord!

God showed me that an earthquake so big would shake Japan and it would cause a financial crisis of their nation that would cause great financial distress to the United States.  A week before this Great earthquake hit Japan, I felt God spoke to me that there would be a 9 point earthquake soon and I said so on our program.  God has spoken to me over the last few years that  there was coming a massive earthquake to California that would devastate LA.  The next few days and weeks could bring a shaking over the West coast from from top to bottom!

When I told a prophet, whom I trusted, of the Japan and LA earthquake God had told me about, he said when the earthquake that God showed me hits Japan,  the big one – the California earthquake is coming next!  (see page 110 of my book, Prosperity and the Coming Apocalypse) There may be many more earthquakes coming to Japan and one of them, a big one, centered near or under  Tokyo.  I believe we all had better be prepared for a Time of Trouble that Jesus told us about. WE ARE IN THE BOOK OF REVELATION NOW!

A trusted friend, Dr. Paul Williams, called me yesterday and told me in a very somber tone about a dream he had where he had seen a green road sign.  The road sign simply said “Advent 2”.  When Jesus came the first time, as a baby in a manger, it is known as “The First Advent” or Advent 1.  Friends, this dream was clearly telling us that Jesus is coming again very soon!  How much clearer can He make this?

But before Jesus returns the second time, He tells us what will happen on this earth, and those things are happening NOW!  The Bible tells us that the foolish know what is coming, but do not prepare.  If you listen to our broadcasts, we have been saying over and over:  GET PREPARED – THE TIMES OF TROUBLE ARE UPON US!


Preparation for the Time of Trouble preceding the Lord’s second coming is first, spiritual.  People, you need to EAT the Word of God.  Devour every spiritual Word of God you can by reading your Bible and digesting its instruction.  Get your heart right with God!

Then, get yourself and your family prepared physically, as much as you can!  Jerry Jones has friends in Japan.  Within one day, the shelves in the stores in Japan were emptied because all logistics (ways to get the food to the stores) had broken down.  Jerry was absolutely delighted to hear from Tom and his wife and kids and they said that they were not standing in the long lines in Japan for food handouts.  No!  They were eating from the food buckets of emergency food they had gotten from Food for Health, the same food we send out to our friends over television. They were prepared!

This week, we are talking with Carl Palmer on the show – the founder and inventor of our Seychelle water purification products.  I have no doubt that this is one of the greatest developments ever and it is for “such a time as this”.  You are going to need food and water!  You are going to need a way to purify your water sources!  You can get the very best water purification products available right here!  Go to our online store or call 1(888)988-1588.  We are here to help you!

When the Church sees the signs of what is foretold in the Bible, they will start to see and recognize the times and truly comprehend what is important and they will prepare.

How much more can we do than tell you and plead with you – JESUS IS COMING SOON – but before He comes, there will be Times of Trouble.  Get ready NOW!


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