Alternative View of Orlando Massacre

Revelation In The News: Alternative View of Orlando Massacre

2 thoughts on “Alternative View of Orlando Massacre

  1. Zack: You don’t know me but my husband Ron Harmon came to one of your shows a while back. He really couldn’t afford the trip but he was so determined to see Jim that he slept in his car to save money. He sent Jim a book he wrote about three years ago called. “THE 7th Day Return of the Lord” At the age of 70 we got divorced about year and a half ago.

    One thing we had in common was your show and we did purchase about $1200 of food until we went broke in our real estate business. I just had to take this time to praise Jim and you for all the research you do in the name of our Lord. I remember when you were just starting there as a very young man. You and Jim have certainly been through a lot together haven’t you.

    I can’t praise Jim enough for his sermons on Donald Trump. In my 69 nearly 70 now years, I have never heard a more mightier, more spirited, more sincere and most perfect lecture. I wish Mr Trump could have been in the audience at the time. I am positive it would have brought tears to his eyes.
    Again, I am do thankful I got to hear at least one great sermon before I die. I know the Lord was busting with pride when you provided the flock with such brilliance. It was just so perfect and I have sent that sermon around the world in hopes they too see that not only are you called by God, but that you delivered a clear message for America to repent. I hope they listened.

    I love you Jim and Zack. Please keep delivering these most desperately needed sermons for a time such as this. I would love to shake your hand before I leave this world but I doubt If I will ever be able to afford the trip. Everybody lives to travel the globe to places like Africa, Ireland, Alaska, etc. but the only two places I have ever desired to go is Israel and to see your show.

    Peace to you and may God Bless your body with sustained health. Your a wonderful human being Jim.

    Betty Harmon.
    Breckenridge, Texas

  2. Zack so glad you are doing this. 🙂 Just a really small overlooked or just too insignificant piece of the puzzle that I would pass along to you I believe the hostage situation in Texas at Walmart was to be a part of this tragedy of this day also there was a foiled attack but I dont know where. If all were pulled off this would have created quite a day of infamy The Orlando shooter kept on promising other shooters almost like he was calling them to action. Check out his 911 calls.

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